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Our Founding Fathers and the first engine

The Beckwourth Fire District was founded in 1949. After the acquisition of a used 1937 Chevrolet fire engine, The first single door, wood heated "Fire House" was build in downtown Beckwourth. That portion of the original fire house still exists with many additions throughout the decades. With The opening of Station 2 in 2007 the Fire District now consist of an all risk department responding to not only structure and wildland fires, but medical aids, train derailments, and plane crashes.

The original 1850s James Beckwourth Cabin, now a Museum







The founding fathers would be in awe to now see the amount and size of apparatus parked in our engine bays. Including, 2 type I Structure engines and 2 type 3 engines wildland engines; 2 Rescues, 1- Patrol; 1-4,000 gallon water tender, 1- MCI Trailer, and 1 command vehicle.