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Q. Is a burn permit required?

A. Burn permits may be required at any time.  Always call Air Quality, 832-4528, to see if it is a permissive burn day and they will also tell you if a permit is needed. 


Q: Do I still need to comply with the burning restrictions during open burning season?

A: Yes, Even when permits are not required during winter months, you still need to comply with all the regulations.  

        1)  You must be in attendance

        2) You must have a water source

        3) You must have a hand tool with you.

Remember:  Never burn when windy.  Never burn a pile larger than you can control or put out!


Q: Do I need a Wood Cutting Permit?

A: Yes, You can obtain one at any US Forest Service facility


Q: Do I need a permit to cut a Christmas Tree?

A:  Yes, Permits may be purchased at any US Forest Service facility


Q: When will the next EMS Recertification class be held.

A:  January of 2018


Q: When will your next EMR or EMT/Paramedic recert be held?

A: We put these classes on once every two years.  Our next class will be in January of 2020.  Mark your calendar and save the date.