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Daniel Smith


Daniel's career prior to retiring was in local government starting with 13 years with the City of San Diego in their Water and Wastewater Dept.  He then moved to Pleasanton CA and went to work for the City of Pleasanton for 16 years.  Daniel retired as the Director of Public Works Operations where he lead the largest department in the City, which included water, sewer, streets, fleet, buildings, and parks.  This experience included working closely with the Livermore/Pleasanton Fire Dept. as his department designed, built and maintained all of the Fire Department's stations including maintaining and purchasing all of the fire apparatus for the Fire Dept.  When he moved to the Portola area he spent the first year and a half as the General Manager of the Grizzly Ranch Community Service District at a critical time when they separated from Plumas County and formed an independent Board.  Daniel spends his free time playing golf at local courses and fishing with his wife at the many local lakes in Plumas County.