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Board Vacancies

The Beckwourth Fire District is currently accepting applications to fill vacancies on the Board of Directors.  The remaining District Board members plan to fill the vacancies at the board meeting scheduled for November 18, 2021.  The appointed individuals will hold office until the next Uniform District Election.  In compliance with the Maddy Appointive Registry this appointment can be made at any time on or after November 18, 2021.


Any persons interested in filling these positions must be a registered voter in the County of Plumas and reside within the Fire District.  Please forward a letter of interest via mail, email or hand delivery to Beckwourth Fire District, 180 Main Street, Beckwourth, CA 96129, or  It needs to be received by noon on November 15, 2021.  For additional information contact the District Office at (530) 832-1008.